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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The New iPad Review

The New iPad – An Executive Review

Yes, I own a “The New iPad”.  You already know by now that Apple in one of it’s stupid moments decided that the latest iPad would not be the iPad 3 but officially “The New iPad”.   Sometimes they really don’t understand the business world.  iPad 3 would have worked much better.  Oh well.  Now that we have The New iPad what is different?

A5X Chip

Dual core processing with quad core graphics.  Much faster but not really worth selling your iPad 2 to get this new processor.  Most of the increased horsepower is used up by the new display.  If you are still on a original iPad then, yes, upgrade.

Retina Display

3.1 million pixels. (2048 x 1536)

This is a higher screen definition than any HD TV you own.  It is the most complex display ever built for any device, mobile or desktop.  It is brilliant and clear.  Whether you need this display or not is up to you and I will just say that you need to compare this new display sitting right next to your iPad or iPad 2.  Do I think this is the big reason to upgrade?  Maybe.

iSight 5MP, five lens, f/2.4, rear facing camera capable of capturing video at 1080p 

While this is an improved camera and very clear it is actually not as robust as the 8MP camera on the iPhone 4S with all the other same specs.  Upgrade for this feature?  No, your current camera is adequate unless you work for National Geographic taking photos or video.


Yes, you can go download the free Dragon Dictation and be very close to this feature but now it is built into every aspect of the device and it works great.  From what I understand Apple licensed the basis for this dictation from Dragon and improved how it integrates with the iPad.   Upgrade for this feature?  No, go download Dragon Dictation from the app store and wait your turn with the next iPad.

Bigger battery with longer battery life

Well, they needed this bigger battery to power the super HD display and new processor but along the way they also ended up with longer battery life.  Well, that is unless you are playing games that are using a lot of video resolution then it will drop quickly and also tend to heat up a bit.  Heat issues?  Not for the real world only for gamers and even then the difference is minimal and was used as a tempest in a teapot by Apple distractors.  The new iPad is a bit heavier and can be a bit warmer but I would not use the term hot.


O.K.  This is the biggie.  I must confess that I have been recommending that folks just buy an iPad with 802.11 and forget the extra data plans then use their iPhone as a hotspot.  Well, the iPhone as a hotspot is fine for one device, two if you have excellent cellular data support, but that is about all.  Also, I must admit I had never really seen 4G/LTE work.  Now I have.  Where supported I have been getting speeds as high as 38-47 Mbs both up and down.  NO KIDDING.  This is for real folks.  If you need to have better bandwidth this is the way to go.  I have been completely taken by this new technology.  Even it cities where I only get the 4G and no LTE the speeds are still 4-5 Mbs down and 1-2 Mbs up.   I have become so enamored by this technology that I have also purchased a new Verizon hotspot device that I am testing this week that will support up to 10 devices via 4G/LTE.  I will write on this more when I have more real world results but for now let me say it is already very promising.  Another nod to Verizon is that you can turn your “New iPad” into a hotspot using your 4G/LTE account and that there is GSM support in the Verizon iPad now catching up with AT&T.  AT&T will not allow their version of the iPad to be used as a hotspot, yet.    Not smart on their part as the data plans are not unlimited.   Is this worth the upgrade?  Yes, if you are a heavy data user.  No, if you just check email and are a light data user.

Hope this helps.  Happy iPadding to all!

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