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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Back In The Saddle Again

Sorry for the lapse of time.  It has been a very busy spring but good right?  How about that new iPad.  You know, the one that should be called the iPad 3 but is officially called "The New iPad".  Great update on the screen but the killer feature is LTE.  I will write more on LTE soon but for now let me say that if you are buying a new iPad do not buy anything except the The New iPad with 4G/LTE.  No question, hands down, the best Internet access to date with speeds up to 72Mbs.  

I am also testing a new Verizon hotspot which I will write about very soon.  Hint, it has already blown away anything I have ever owned in hotspot devices. 

Welcome back, tell your friends I will be updating this much more often than ever before.

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