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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Val Steed’s List of Top Ten iPad Apps


1. GoodReader

GoodReader is a well-known document reader. I prefer good reader to any other one as it is cheap, fast, and easy to work. I can easily annotate a PDF and store the annotations in the file or as a separate file.

2. Dropbox

Free for up to 2GB Dropbox is probably the best synchronization tool I have ever used. I have it loaded on my iPad, laptop, and desktop. All files sync in seconds and are available across all systems. Be sure to have strong Windows passwords and invoke the security keys on the iPad. I seconds I can create a file on my desk system, access it in Dropbox on my iPad then open it in GoodReader.

3. Speed Test – OOKLA

Free speed test. There are many speed test apps so be sure to get the right one. Only the one from OOKLA is this good. Great graphics and reliable results. You would be surprised at how often the speed of your internet connection changes.

4. FaceTime

No doubt one of the best communication tools ever invented. The only issue is that the person on the other end of FaceTime must have an iPad or iPhone 4 or newer. Despite the face this is an Apple app and comes with your iPad do not overlook it’s power and capabilities.

5. Photobucket

2GB of free cloud storage and an interface that works great across all devices. The key to Photobucket is that it becomes your library of photos and videos that you can easily link to for Facebook, LinkedIn or any other website posting.


I am a baseball fan so this ranks high on my list despite the fact that you have to buy an annual subscription to the service each year for around $15. You get to see any game not blocked by blackouts in HD (internet connection permitting).

7. Intellicast HD Weather

I guess I am part Eubank (local joke). Truth is, I love weather and especially like to know what I am headed for when traveling. This is the best of the weather apps to date as it gives you HD radar. Try zooming in/out and you can examine the world in detail even ocean beds!

8. Keynote

Not free, Apple app. This is a pay for app that is the PowerPoint of the Apple line. If you want to do presentations from your iPad this is the tool. Create the presentation in PowerPoint on your PC, transfer the file with Dropbox, open with Keynote, and present. Viloa, it is that easy but it will cost you $ 9.99

9. Dragon Dictation

Free app. Best voice recongnition to date. You talk, it types, this can help with email responses especially when they become lengthy on the iPad.

10. Concur

The app is free, the account with Concur will not be free. You can get a personal free account for you by signing up for the Concur Accountants program. See click on the Concur Accountants Program and join. Then you can use this app on your iPad to help track and report expenses. We have our whole company signed up and this is a great tool.