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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Mini

Well, just because I have to teach about the Mini I bought one.  Well, that isn't actually true.  I have been really looking forward to comparing the Mini to what I have seen in the Kindle and Kindle Fire.  Let's just say I am very pleased and believe the Mini can stand up to any of these products and then some.  The display is not Retina but it is still crystal clear.  I am actually a fan of the new Lightning connector (I have just as many old 30 accessories as you) but I love the positive click and universal plug (either side up).  Improved wireless is good but not the killer feature.  I think the shape, size, feel, speed, and apps make this the winner.  I am biased I know but this is a great product any way you want to argue this one.  I do see the Mini cutting into some iPad sales but a lot more into Kindle sales.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Here is a video of a Tech Update presentation I did for the Pennsylvania Society of CPAs a few weeks back that has a lot of iPad and Mac stuff live in the presentation. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Slide Shark

In a presentation today I forgot to add one item to a slide.  Slide Shark is another good tool to use for showing PPT files on an iPad.  You must upload the file to Slide Shark's site but it runs great.  Completely PowerPoint compatible as far as I can determine.

CloudOn vs. Onlive Desktop

Just an additional note about both CloudOn and Onlive Desktop.   CloudOn will support your Dropbox account and your changes are automatically saved back to Dropbox.  Hence, don't be changing files unless you want the changes to stick.  Onlive Desktop will not work with your cellular account, no, not even the Pro edition so you will need another Wi-Fi network to get Onlive Desktop to work well.