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Monday, August 20, 2012

Xero Accounting - Xero Touch App

Folks, Xero Accounting ( is a very well done SaaS accounting product that works great on the iPad with any browser.  Think very solid software like QuickBooks only running via any browser on any device.  Today, I was shown their iPad/iPhone app (not new but new to me) that will integrate to your Xero SaaS accounting and provide you with quick access to many key items.  I think the most helpful is the instant dashboard view but CPAs in public practice may love the ability to check on clients by backing up one level to the My Xero screen and choosing a different client data set.  Easy, peasy.  The Dashboard shows bank balances, invoices, expenses and you can easily add an expense and take a picture of the receipt with you camera then upload.  Viola, you toss the receipt.  My compliments to Xero Accounting for this nice add to their well designed SaaS accounting.


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