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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Transfer Files to iPad

Ed Zollar recommended GoodReader app. Combine that with iTunes and you can easily transfer files. Load iTunes, hook up the iPad, click on your iPad icon, then the Apps tab and select your app for files. Mine is GoodReader. Now, don't forget to scroll down with the far right scroll to File Sharing, again click on your app and you should be able to transfer files now. :-) I now have many PDFs right on he iPad.

Skydrive & Other Web Portals No Go!

I have now tried Skydrive, OfficeLive Workspace, Sharefile, all with no success at transferring files to the iPad. I can view the files on and any file attached to email but I still cannot download the file. Reading some posts it looks like right now the only way to get the file physically to the iPad is to use iTunes. :-(