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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Transfer Files to iPad

Ed Zollar recommended GoodReader app. Combine that with iTunes and you can easily transfer files. Load iTunes, hook up the iPad, click on your iPad icon, then the Apps tab and select your app for files. Mine is GoodReader. Now, don't forget to scroll down with the far right scroll to File Sharing, again click on your app and you should be able to transfer files now. :-) I now have many PDFs right on he iPad.


  1. Val,

    I have enjoyed reading your posts thus far. I am a CPA (hopefully soon to be CITP) in NC and have found the iPad to be a surprising business tool thus far. I recently started a blog myself and have posted a couple of subjects regarding the iPad.

  2. Val, I have also experimented with Goodreader but prefer using Dropbox with the iBooks native app for viewing PDF's. Hopefully CCH will get us some Document compatibility for iPad and Safari in the near future, this would make things much easier.

  3. New to the blog, but there are a number of folks in our firm who have started using the iPad and I am directing them here for continued enlightenment regarding this device. I use Quickoffice MobileConnect and PDFReader Pro and both allow for wireless transfer of files to the iPad. Quickoffice also does wireless uploads from the iPad and support Word/Excel 2003/2007 formats.