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Thursday, May 20, 2010


The iPad is one of the coolest devices Apple has created in years. Very clear screen and lightweight. I consider this my Kindle purchase as I never did get a Kindle and was waiting for the color Kindle. Many have already told me that reading a Kindle in bright light is much better than reading the iPad even at full screen brightness. I have not done much with the reader yet other than reading USA Today and Boston Globe on the iPad. It works great in regular room light and might be an excellent reader tool. That is to be tested soon.

So far I have found the iPad great for video replay, web browing, checking email, calendar & contacts. Not sure about the business value yet. Also you can easily run any iPhone app just runs small so you need to select 2X and make it full screen. That is great. What is not great is all the companies that want too much for their apps on the iPad such as CNN & ESPN. Favorite app so far for the iPad is MLB Baseball (Red Sox fan)!

I will continue to post new items as I get them. For now, I must say this is the coolest hardware device I have owned since the iPhone but cool does not justify $900 and a $30 monthly data plan (unlimited). I do not recommend you sign up for a data plan that is NOT unlimited. Any pay by the megabyte plan will bite you in the end.

Stay tuned.

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